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Why is the child lying

Trying to find an answer to the question why the child is telling you a lie, it is worth considering that the lie is not true. The fact is that at preschool age, children's fantasies bloom with a violent color. And then children tell adults incredible stories: about a cat the size of a lion living with them or about having experienced a magical adventure.

Unfortunately, in these cases, adults often accuse children of lying, which is extremely unfair and very insulting for the child. After all, this is not a lie in the strict sense - it does not bring the child the slightest benefit. It's just a fantasy. Their sources may be vivid dreams or the expression of the most cherished desires, they may be an attempt to gain authority, make life more interesting or cope with fears.

In any case, it's okay to fantasize. And the best thing that parents and other adults can do is to listen to the child with interest, if possible, get involved in the game, but in no case catch him in a lie!

It's quite another when a child purposefully tells a lie. This upsets parents: after all, they do not specifically teach children to lie. Most often, mom and dad blame each other or "bad" friends of the child for the problem.

Reasons for lying

There may be several reasons for lying, but all of them, unfortunately, indicate that something is wrong in the Danish Kingdom, that is, in the cell of society.

Firstly, this can be unconsciously taught by the parents themselves. If they at least occasionally tell a lie in front of a child, even if "for salvation" - then they no longer have the right to demand crystal honesty from him. After all, the actions of adults are taught much more clearly than the most correct words.

Secondly, the reason may be the desire not to let adults into the world of their thoughts and feelings. This usually happens if the child's feelings are ridiculed or parents unceremoniously interfere in all children's affairs.

The third reason is the authoritarian parenting style. If a child is often subjected to threats and punishments, he begins to tell lies in order to avoid this.

Also, children are pushed to lie by a lack of attention.

In this case, the child is ready to come up with anything to attract the attention of the closest people, and the more incredible the story, the more chances it has. What to do?

Solving the problem

First of all, adults are responsible for creating an atmosphere of trust. The kid needs the opportunity to be himself. And at the first noticed attempts to lie, instead of punishment, it is better to figure out why the child cannot tell the truth.

* Parents need to be prepared to listen to the sometimes bitter truth and allow them to express feelings, whatever they may be.

* If a child has done wrong, you can condemn the act, but not the person. And parents should help to correct this act, thereby supporting the baby.

* Do not ask trap questions that provoke lies for the sake of self-defense.

* It is adults who should set an example of honesty.

But the main goal of parents is to build relationships with children in which there is no need to lie to adults.

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