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The Skyros Island Support Fund . . .

Support Fund raises over €27,000 and fuel is now being delivered to schools ...

On Thursday 21st March 2013, sat before steaming cups of coffee and humming computers, the Skyros team sent out a newsletter announcing the new Skyros Island Support Fund – a charitable fundraising initiative with the specific aim of raising €20.000 for heating Skyros island's schools, clinic and nursing home during the winter of 2013 / 2014. This was established due to lack of funds as Greek government subsidies for the purpose have dried up.

Due to your generosity, we are delighted to announce that we have not only reached our target, but surpassed it too. The total raised is €27.018,41! We are, therefore, pleased to confirm that on Monday the 11th of November, the first instalment of fuel was delivered to the five schools on the island. This includes the nurseries and the primary and secondary schools. This cost a total of €5.090,40, leaving the fund still with €21.928,01. The next fuel delivery will be in January.

We are waiting to hear when fuel for the nursing home and clinic needs to be delivered. Next, we will be purchasing essential supplies for the local hospital. They have forwarded us a list of required materials at an approximate cost of €10.000. In the meantime, we are working closely with the local community to ensure that all funds raised go directly to where they are needed most, and that prices obtained ensure the funds go as far as possible.

Overwhelmed (in a good way) with your response, we would like to to say a massive efharistó (thank you) to everyone who contributed. You have truly helped make a difference for so many islanders this winter.