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Amazing week. Thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Skyros.
21-08-2014 10:40:29AM
Best holiday I have ever had - really in the spirit of the Skyros ethos. Real friendly community spirit and lots and lots of laughter.
L.N, London
21-08-2014 10:38:21AM
My first Skyros holiday has been fun, relaxing and insightful - it won't be the last, I hope!
I.P, Belgium
21-08-2014 10:36:54AM
Wonderful experience meeting like minded people. the subtle ways we were brought together really worked.
M.G, Dublin
21-08-2014 10:33:02AM
This holiday is fantastic in every way. The island, the courses, the sense of community in our group - it is good for the soul. Everyone should experience Skyros!
G.O, Surrey
21-08-2014 10:30:14AM
Wonderful - I'm coming again!
G. S, York
19-08-2014 12:09:52PM
Perfect mixture for a wonderful, fulfilling time. The community develops nearly immediately and grows strong with the great food, sunshine, beach, group activities and the individual courses.
J.B, Holland
19-08-2014 12:08:50PM
Very professionally run course in a stunning location
V.C, Derry
19-08-2014 12:06:55PM
Amazing 2 weeks. Life altering for the better. Befriended and met inspirational individuals
HK, London
19-08-2014 12:05:47PM
Life changing and Life affirming!
Patricia, Ithaca, NY
19-08-2014 12:04:36PM
A magic and unforgettable experience! I found myself embracing the new things that were shown of us.
R.M, Berkshire
07-08-2014 04:30:01AM
Would love to come back, will be recommending Skyros to anyone who'll listen!
Nina W from Coventry
07-08-2014 04:28:53AM
Wonderful experience - really memorable, very much recommended.
N.T, Southampton
07-08-2014 04:27:48AM
Wonderful atmosphere. All in it together. Great beach, unspoilt island.
J.W, London
07-08-2014 04:27:00AM
A week at Skyros is a lot more than just a holiday - you can do as much or as little as you like, but you have the chance to really challenge yourself and grow in confidence.
Richard, Berkshire
07-08-2014 04:25:50AM
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