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A unique and inspiring experience.
Alan Watling
29-10-2014 11:51:23AM
Atsitsa was everything I'd hoped it would be - great food, people and courses. Throughly recommend!
Tania Hummel
29-10-2014 11:47:32AM
Atsitsa is the best holiday I;ve ever been on - now on my third! Each time is different and I have made many new friends.
Penny Peters
29-10-2014 11:46:33AM
There's nothing like a Skyros holiday. You come here thinking one way, and leave thinking another - better, clear way.
29-10-2014 11:43:32AM
As a group tour for solo travellers you can't get any better than this.
T.B. Somerville, MA, USA
29-10-2014 11:42:29AM
Life affirming. Memories of friendships made here will warm up my winter evenings.
Claire Page
29-10-2014 11:41:35AM
Atsitsa: all that I could have asked for and more! Friendship, good food, great classes, sun, swimming and loads of fun. Thank you!
Cheryl Holloway
29-10-2014 11:40:49AM
Wow what an experience. Hut life is basic but brilliant. So many memories, so many giggles. Night swimming, star gazing is an absolute must. Give your soul a treat and visit Atsitsa.
Terri Royds
29-10-2014 11:39:32AM
It's a wonderful holiday. You can take part in all the varied activities as much or as little as you like.
G Stockbridge
29-10-2014 11:38:03AM
Words cannot explain how much I have enjoyed this Atsitsa holiday. Thank you!
Sally Kay
29-10-2014 11:36:38AM
The most amazing and heartfelt things will happen I promise you! Often in the most unexpected, unlooked for ways. Prepare yourself for one serendipity after another.
Peter Horn
29-10-2014 11:35:33AM
Every time I come here it's different and every time it's wonderful.
G Martin
29-10-2014 11:33:17AM
My sixth stay on Skyros again affirmed and confirmed it is a place my love of life embraces. I carry it with me every day in my heart, thousands of miles away.
Kathryn Howd Machan
29-10-2014 11:26:43AM
A lovely setting and thoroughly enjoyable group experience. Good people.
29-10-2014 02:03:01AM
I laughed, ate, drank, relaxed....the perfect holiday.
29-10-2014 02:01:49AM
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