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The sun by the sea with absolutely nothing to worry about or think about other than the moment I was in.
JR, Tonbridge
23-07-2014 04:02:00AM
I find myself still marvelling at the magic that was created, that brought us all in closer communion, and opened all our minds. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Allan Hunter, Watertown, USA
23-07-2014 03:56:45AM
A great opportunity to let go of worries, relax and become reinvigorated in a wonderful place surrounded and supported by fantastic people.
JH, Stafford
15-07-2014 06:31:51AM
This is a brilliant holiday, relaxing, great company. Fantastic courses on offer as much or as little as you like. Total Freedom!
SM, London
15-07-2014 06:30:41AM
A great place, scenery beautiful. A special time meeting new people, laughs, grumps, deep conversations, swinging in a hammock. All staff go out of their way to help you be there for yourself.
DW, Dover
15-07-2014 06:29:06AM
Very relaxing. An incredible sense of community. Just what I needed!
JM, London
15-07-2014 06:24:36AM
The perfect holiday for a single person wanting company but space to be alone (but never lonely). Perfect location, perfect ciimate, lovely lovely people both guests, staff and facilitators.
Judy Smith, Hampshire
15-07-2014 06:23:45AM
A welcoming, warm & supportive atmosphere. Very caring & loving.
04-07-2014 05:31:48AM
I would love to come back to this beautiful place. The centre provides a great holiday space for the artist in search of self. ... I feel an 'at-homeness' here in this community. People are polite, welcoming and kind.
Noreen Walshe-Harte
04-07-2014 05:29:57AM
Fantastic teacher. She adapted and re-invented the course to fit us - where we each were, how fast we each travelled, and how deep and far we could each possibly get.
Steve Trow
04-07-2014 05:26:02AM
Would definitely recommend this holiday, the island is beautiful & the local people! Great experience - love making new friends!
Bo Borzyskowska
04-07-2014 05:23:34AM
Everything about Skyros is truly magical. The ancient landscape, the Skyrian people, the beautiful beaches and tavernas, the inspiring Skyros courses and most of all the wonderful people you meet. If you are seeking a life-changing and life-affirming holistic holiday experience, Skyros is simply the best there is.
Joe St Clair
09-07-2013 12:46:45PM
I enjoyed the experience of meeting so many good people with the same aspirations as me, and of learning so much about the craft I am trying to master so yes, I would come again. Skyros Centre is very well run and set in a great place.
Peter Gaskell
04-07-2013 10:46:11AM
I will definitely attend again and have already recommended to many of my friends. It's a great learning experience combined with fabulous food, the ability to make new friends in beautiful surroundings whilst helping the Greek economy in a small way.
Karen Langford
04-07-2013 10:43:58AM
The best holiday of my life so far. I would thoroughly recommend the Skyros Centre and Juliette Smith's course to anyone. I wish I was back there now!
S Speller
04-07-2013 10:21:33AM
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