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Life after Skyros Oekos Co-listening

One of the lasting benefits of a Skyros holiday is the friendships that develop that sometimes last for life. This deeper connection is evident even between individuals who have Skyros in common although they never actually met each other there.

To maintain that connection beyond the holiday, people often organise reunions in the UK. The latter range from dinner in a restaurant or a party to long weekends in the countryside. Many also continue with their œkos groups as a means of bridging the gap between the holiday and everyday life. One such group, in Bristol, has been meeting for ten years – 'we’ve survived weddings, divorces and even death, and we’re still going on', they said.

One place for such reunions is The Grange on the Isle of Wight which people join for short breaks. Its weekend courses, run by Skyros facilitators, are offered to ex-Skyros participants at a 20% discount.

In the nineties ex-participants had formed the Skyros Club which, based in London, held various events ranging from parties, lectures and workshops to outings in the countryside or visits to theatre shows. The idea was revived now as other ex-participants have formed a Friends of Skyros grouping, the main purpose of which is to keep the Skyros spirit alive through an ever renewed commitment to the Skyros principles.

A section of the Skyros website is devoted to this work to enable individuals in various parts of the world to make contact with each other. What this contact will produce is up to the individuals concerned. They could just meet for a drink or dinner or a weekend in Paris but they could also take it further by inviting other ex-Skyros people to join various activities, perhaps a day at the Hay Festival, a run for charity purposes or a Halloween horror show for the benefit of their neighbours! Likewise, there could be a workshop with one of the Skyros facilitators – perhaps a raqs sharqi, a comedy improvisation or a weekend yoga session.

More importantly, the Friends of Skyros can help to set up local œkos group to provide a platform for some honest communication, support the drive of its members to fulfill their potentials and help revitalise the community and bring back our sense of common purpose.

For information on œkos please see this page on our website.

Skyros-in-London presents 'Pocket Cabaret'

In the spirit of Skyros Holidays, The Map Cafe in Kentish Town, London, presents Sunday afternoon ‘Pocket Cabaret’ sessions featuring a mezze of music, poetry, stories, monologues and sketches.

For the tiny price of £5 you can relax in the beautiful boho environment of The Map, experiencing the show, or taking part in it with your own artistic offering. For those who’ve been to Skyros, the elements are the same: great hospitality, like-minded company, a forum for experimental creativity and warm hosting, courtesy of Kate Daniels and Alison Goldie, two of Skyros’s most experienced facilitators. If you’ve not been there yet, Skyros at The Map will give you a flavour of this special holiday – where sharing is key, new talents are discovered, great friendships are made and life feels full of exciting possibilities.

To find out more about our 'Pocket Cabaret' events visit the Skyros Facebook page, or for information on the venue visit The Map website.