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Who goes on a Skyros holiday?

Skyros attracts mostly solo holidaymakers from all over the world. Although all ages are represented, from 5 to 85, approximately 70 per cent of all participants are aged 30– 60. During school holidays families are also part of the mix. A huge majority – over 80 per cent – report that the Skyros experience had a lasting positive effect on their lives. Nearly a third come back again and again – even after they have said that Skyros was the 'holiday of a lifetime'.

'At the end our group was as close as many friends become in a lifetime'. The Daily Mail
Greece: Atsitsa Bay
Atsitsa Bay, on the pine-forested seaside of Skyros island, is an adventure into the pleasures of life and a healthier lifestyle. You can choose from a huge variety of courses including yoga every day. Holidaymakers, teachers and staff create a lively community of people right by the sea. Here age is irrelevant and anyone can do anything. This a great place to try something new and meet interesting people.
Greece: Skyros Centre
In picturesque Skyros village, the Skyros Centre offers three programmes of in-depth courses. If you really want to go home with new skills and make a change in your life, here's where to do it. Choose from either the Life Choices programme, The Art Studio or the acclaimed Writers' Lab. There are also options for daily yoga and various evening activities available to all.
This journal making and cultural exploration in Morocco is not to be missed. You’ll explore the vibrant souks of Marrakech and then relax and enjoy the spring (March holiday) and winter (November holiday) sunshine in the charming seaside town of Essaouira, described as ‘one of the friendliest and most laid-back resorts anywhere’.
Choose Skyros-in-Venice for artistic and cultural delights. From morning strolls by the canal to sipping espresso in Piazza San Marco to acquiring a taste for Italian opera, this stylish holiday will ensure you bring back unforgettable memories from this seductive city of culture.
This Salsa Holiday is Skyros with a Latin vibe. Havana is the perfect place to learn Cuba's national dance – salsa. Enjoy the stunning vibrancy of Cuban music and dance and learn salsa with the charismatic Habaneros. This holiday includes talks on Cuban culture and history, visits to historical sites and other places of interest, also morning yoga.
A luxury holiday with winter sunshine, excellent courses and the chance to unwind with optional snorkelling trips and visits to see the giant see turtles. The next Thailand break begins January 2016.
April in Grand Riviere, Trinidad, marks one of the most important events in the world's eco-calendar. At your beach-front hotel, amidst rainforests with rare endangered species, see the colossal Leatherback turtles nest right in front of your room on what is said to be the largest Leatherback nesting beach in the Western Hemisphere.
Just 2.5 hours from London The Grange, an offshoot of Skyros, offers a wide range of weekend courses, bed & breakfast accommodation and health and beauty treatments. Set amidst the greenery of Shanklin's Old Village on the east coast of the Isle of Wight, it's the ideal place to reconnect with your Skyros friends, breathe in the fresh sea air, take it easy and relax.
Those who've already been on a Skyros holiday receive a 20% discount on any weekend courses they attend at The Grange.
'The emphasis is on fun, and the aim to learn the skills and techniques needed to continue the craft once you return home.' The Daily Telegraph
'Going on the holiday gave me the confidence to make some decisions. When I got back I moved jobs, moved flat and got my motorbike licence. But the most rewarding aspect was the friends I made.'
The Observer
'The courses I chose on Skyros were foot reflexology and Commedia dell'Arte acting. They were both were inspired choices. In particular, the reflexology course, which took place on a series of mornings in an outdoor clearing, surrounded by pine trees high above the bay of Atsitsa, was something I would not have missed for anything.' The Financial Times

'Everything written about Skyros paints a picture of a paradise. You cannot be a journalist without become incredibly questioning about life. That said, a lot of the superlatives [about Skyros] were written by journalists, possibly far more cynical than me. The courses are excellent but I soon realised that they are simply adjunct to a wonderfully relaxed holiday.' Manchester Evening News

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