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Right by the sea and in the arms of a magnificent pine forest, Atsitsa has a magical quality that enchants the senses and makes inroads to the heart. There is a feeling that you have just come back home – is it because people lived, and their civilisation thrived, in this area long before history began? 

Atsitsa’s main stone villa commands a supreme position in the bay. Its huts, in which most of the participants and staff choose to live, are situated in lush gardens and are shaded by pine and fruit trees. 

Atsitsa’s vibrant community – 30 to 80 guests at a time – is friendly and bursting with life. Courses are held outdoors on beautiful stone terraces, between the pine forest and the sea. People are free to do as much or as little as they want. There is always time to sunbathe, swim, walk in the pine forest and enjoy the tranquility of the bay. The evenings are taken up by parties, lively discussions and spontaneous, often hilarious events.

The beauty of Atsitsa is its simplicity, its intimate connection with nature and its timeless detachment from the outside world. The atmosphere of trust it generates enables everyone to open up, venture into unchartered waters and make connections rarely made in the outside world.

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‘There is a magical quality about Atsitsa.’ The Lady

‘Atsitsa is a magical, healing place that brings out the best in people’. Here’s Health

‘Some magic at work inspires people’. The Financial Times

andrew risner

The Atsitsa Bay Community

The range and quality of the numerous courses, all run by excellent facilitators, make Atsitsa Bay an exceptional holiday destination.

But Atsitsa Bay is far more than its courses. It’s a new world we all aspire to see. It’s the trust the members of its community naturally develop with each other, the ensuing emergence of one’s real self as opposed to a self distorted by necessities and burdens, and the powerful bonds forged between people that sometimes last for life.

In Atsitsa you can be completely at home: with yourself, with others, and with nature. You can play, experiment, sing, do things you haven’t done since childhood or just be silly. It’s a place to feel free.

That's why people can go for the seemingly impossible and expand their limits to the limits of the sea. Truly amazing impromptu events emerge as a regular feature of the Atsitsa Bay programme: its legendary cabaret, the fancy dress parties, the midnight swims, the music and the singing, the Pea Fairs, the street theatre shows, the comedy improvisation events and so much more. Individuality in this environment, shaped only by the requirements of beauty, only blossoms.

None of this would have come about without the Atsitsa Bay community spirit. Community is the quintessence of life, the earth in which the tree of our existence is rooted.

Skyros, ‘the doyenne of alternative holidays’. The Observer

Atsitsa Video

For a glimpse of Atsitsa, visit this YouTube video prepared by one of our facilitators, Andrew Risner.


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