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SKYROS holidays

Skyros, established by American psychologist Dr Dina Glouberman and Greek journalist Dr Yannis Andricopoulos, was Europe’s first ever course-based holiday centre and remains the world leader – it is ‘the first and still the best’ according to The Guardian. Skyros pioneered a holistic approach to life in tune with the classical Greek holistic understandings and it initiated new community structures which have been copied all over the world time and again.

Dina Glouberman, Ph.D, is the author of the acclaimed book The Joy of Burnout (2002), and the best-selling classic Life Choices, Life Changes (5th edition 2003). She pioneered Imagework, the imagery-based approach to life change. A former university lecturer and psychotherapist, she runs training courses in Imagework worldwide. Dina is launching her new book, You are What You Imagine: Three Steps to a New Beginning Using Imagework (Watkins Books, April 2014).


Yannis Andricopoulos, Ph.D, a former political journalist and editor of i-to-i magazine, is author of several books on 20th century Greek and European history. In 2008 Imprint Academic published his trilogy In Bed with Madness, The Greek Inheritance and The Future of the Past – that was inspired by his involvement in both the truculent world of politics and the graceful, personal world of Skyros.

So, how did it all begin?

The idea popped up one evening while chatting with a friend over a bottle of wine: why not take Dina's personal growth groups from London's cloudy Golders Green to a sunny Greek island? It didn't sound like a bad idea. The thought that this might be the beginning of a venture to be celebrated more than a quarter of a century later never crossed anybody's mind.

To read the rest of the story please see Travelling in the Direction of our Hopes.



IN 1978



In Bed with Madness
Trying to Make Sense in a World that Doesn't

The Greek Inheritance
Ancient Wisdom for the Digital Era

The Future of the Past
From the Culture of Profit to the Culture of Joy

Life Choices, Life Changes
Develop Your Personal Vision with Imagework

The Joy of Burnout
How the End of the World Can be a New Beginning